This is not just one person’s story. Lara Lyn Bell reflects the voices of more than 40 contributors including physicians; therapists; psychologists; recovered advocates; and most importantly, loved ones who have watched with fear and worry as their family member or friend battled an eating disorder. Through cooperative authorship, the Lara Lyn Bell collective strives to bring hope, relief, and resources to all those affected by this devastating disease.

The collaborators behind By Their Side and Working By Their Side joined forces because their experiences taught them that working together is always more powerful than fighting alone. Now, they have made it their mission to offer this united strength to anyone journeying through the darkness of an eating disorder to find the light of healing.


What goal does the collective voice of Lara Lyn Bell hope to achieve with this book?
"In one word - empower. This book is a tool to empower others to be advocates for recovery. The collective voice of Lara Lyn Bell is a unique concept and we believe it is effective because personal healing occurs by adapting the information learned and applying it to your own situation."

Why is the discussion of eating disorders important in today’s society?
"We live in a world of false imaging in the media. We are constantly bombarded by messaging that tells us that our value is in our physical appearance. It is crucial, now more than ever, that we fight this false narrative and instead focus on a larger picture that places value where value is due. The discussion is all about "positive body image," girl-power, gender equality and acceptance, yet eating disorders are on the rise. The conversation about these disorders has to continue and maintain immediacy in order to save the precious lives of those affected."

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